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VII All at once

I just came back from a workshop with VII photo agency. It was a very intensive three days in Barcelona. Im very thankful for the opportunity to participate in this unique event to Cork City Council for awarding me with The Individual Artists’ Bursary Award 2018 but also to VII photographers for their time. I received a lot of valuable feedback from leaders in visual storytelling and encouragement to continue my work (sometimes in a form of a kick in the butt). I still have to process all the information and what I have learned during the masterclass but it will all definitely help me to steer my work into the right direction.

Jocelyn Bain Hogg opened the three days of meetings with seminar on understanding the language of visual storytelling and how to effect this in imagery and if you didn't know here are 5 key types of photographs that can be found in all stories: a person at work or play, a relationship image, an establishing shot, an environmental portrait and the photographers favourite "X" picture. A short list worth keeping in mind. We know that subconsciously but it makes even more sense when written down.

Whether informal discussions, one to one sessions or editing exercises I found VII photographers extremely approachable and helpful. Whether it was a matter of style in postproduction, poetic strength of the image, approaching an editor or even conflict safety 101, they were involved in a constant dialog with participating photographers, often outside of workshop hours and late into the night. Hats off to Véronique Sutra of Eyes in Progress for organising and managing such an amazing event, I can only imagine how it is to keep 60odd photographers with constantly shifting schedules in check.

Discussion during a seminar with Anush Babajanyan on self awareness while storytelling.
During a seminar with Gary Knight on how to make a photo essay.
One to One sessions were happening throughout each day in very informal settings of Casa Golferichs.
Most of the VII photographers with participants coming from 20 different countries.

Once more, big thanks to Cork City Council for awarding me with The Individual Artists’ Bursary Award 2018 which made this journey possible.